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I really wanted to rant about this. 

I’ve been following the news since Day 1 and I can’t help but be pissed off with the South Korean government. Before, I was really wondering why they wanted to impeach the their own President but as I understood the situation… The more I realize the anger and desperation of the parents about this tragedy.

On the first few days of the rescue efforts made by the South Korean government, it is known that Japan lent a helping hand but you know what the government did? They refused it. Why? Because of pride? Because Japan is an enemy to the state? Did they even mind how many children are inside the ferry, scratching the walls in an attempt to survive? As you know, almost all the recovered bodies have finger fracture and a pastor had said that almost all of the dead bodies have chipped nails and nails that had been torn off from its original place. Why did they refuse in the first place? I am so astounded by the fact that they turned away amidst the suffering of the parents waiting at the Jindo harbor. Pride took over the 260+ missing children and teachers inside the submerged ferry. Pride took over killing 167 people who have just been recovered now. And you know what is the most pissing moment of all, they have realized that they need help from other countries when the 6th day came. When chances are reduced to slim compared to the first 5 days of the rescue missions, they are asking for HELP THAT LATE? Actually, before that happened, parents of the victims have marched in front of the Blue House [equivalent to White House] to talk to the President or the Prime Minister… There were irate because Korean media is spreading lies saying rescue missions are ongoing when in fact, rescue missions had been lax. It took for parents to march at the Blue House for the government to realize that they need to ask for other countries’ help? Isn’t it an automatic reflex that when one person is hurt, the other witnesses, the one who spread the news will automatically help the other? On Day one of the rescue missions, the media purposefully reported that they have readied a lot of divers at the scene and they have already asked for the help of foreign countries, but in truth, you know what? None of that has happened. The parents are saying that none of these things have happened and the rescue missions have been really very slow. When they have allowed foreign countries to help, that’s where the rescue teams became much faster than before. Now I understand why they want to impeach the President. Realizing too late and asking help too late, don’t they realize that very second counts? Have you ever understood how hard is it for a parent to lose their child? 

And you know what I realized, a lot of people have been praying for South Korea and it’s like a joint effort in all countries. You know, God only gives opportunities to people. He uses people because he can’t intervene with our FREE WILL. All the help was just outside! Foreign countries are willing to help South Korea, you know? But the SK government had refused the help before and they jus have realized so late… You know, if they have asked for help when all of the countries are lending a hand the earlier time… There would be survivors! 

And if anyone is asking why I don’t blame the captain, here’s the thing… Who assigned him into that position? Who made him captain in the first place? Who approved of him the first time? Isn’t it the higher ups? I blame the crew and the shameless captain but I’m more pissed off with the government. 


#PrayForSouthKorea that the divers would be cured because of decompression sickness which causes paralysis to the body, for the weather to be sunny and for the tides underwater to calm at least, for the divers to have enough stamina to save or recover the bodies, for survivors who are waiting for their rescuers and etc.

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